This website Provided by HRJ MEDIA LTD where contain Terms & Condition which supplied for our products listed on www.hrjmedia.com. It is provided for your use ‘the way it is’ without any kind of warranties (whether direct or indirect). Consequently, no director or employee of HRJ MEDIA LTD consent any commitment or liability in respect to any error, omissions, delay or disruptions in service which may transpire.

Please read carefully these terms & conditions before you order any products from our website. By ordering any products from our website you should be aware that you are agreeing to be bound by our Terms & Conditions. We have written this terms & conditions for our customer as easy as possible to make them understand.

Status :

If you are placing an order through our website, you need to confirm that you are Lawfully qualified of entering into mandatory contracts. When you providing your personal information in a customer registration form while placing an order, please make sure all your information’s are true, accurate, existing and complete in all characteristic and you don’t copy any other person. You agree only to deliver a third party’s personal info if they have given you direct authorisation to use it in respect of the products you have ordered.

Price & Payment :

The price of any products on our web site will be quoted from time to time, although in case of any noticeable error. We are selling a large number of products throughout our website and sometimes the price can be incorrect despite we are giving our best effort on it. If we noticed any inaccuracy of our products price and you have ordered already, we will contact you as soon as possible and will inform you about it. In the case of the inaccuracy, we will give you preference for continuing to purchase of the products with correct price or cancel the order. We will not process your order until we received any confirmation from you. If we are unable to contact you with the details you provided while ordering, we will consider the order as cancelled and will inform you. If we accept and process your order wrongly where price is incorrect and you recognise this incorrect price without made any mistake. We may cancel the delivery of the products and refund the money that you have paid for.

The price you have seen on the web site are not included vat or delivery charges, which will be added to total amount on add to cart section. Prices can be changed any time, but it will not affect your order that we already send confirmation.

For the account holding customer, Payment shall be made in full within 28 days’ time of the following months which the invoice raised, except special payment terms have been settled by us in writing. In the terms of non-account customer, Payment required before 4.00pm on the day your delivery is due to be dispatched.

Products :

HRJ MEDIA reserve the right to modify any details of our advertised products without any further notice. We have given our best effort to explain our products in the advertising. We are not giving any warranty for accuracy and are not responsible for inaccuracy or damage.

Approvals of Proofs :

Preceding the products for production HRJ MEDIA LTD make proof of products for approval if requested by the customer, who made an order. While proof checks if we notice that the artwork provided by the customer is imperfect, we will notify the customer. So you are responsible for approving the proof of products either provide the correct artwork or give us permission to make necessary changes (additional charges will apply). Once you approve the proof of products that you order, it can’t be changed or cancel. We will not take any responsibility for the inaccuracy of viewing, spelling, contact details, or design in the proof afterwards noticed by you.

So final proof must be signed by the customer in writing and signed email received by us before 1 pm, we will be able to proof of the products the same day. If you don’t require any proof of your ordered products, you must submit the order before 2.00pm to make sure it goes to print the same day.

Artwork :

Orders will be completed only on the basis of the information and artwork which is provided by the customer. Any error of artwork will charge further and the customer will be responsible for that. You will have an hour to make any changes to the provided artwork to avoid any charge. For further information about artwork please follow our artwork guideline.

Delivery :

Products will be dispatch for delivery according to the delivery services that you have chosen while order unless there are exceptional contexts. We do not provide any international delivery. Your products dispatch timescale will be depending according to your type of order. Please check our website for estimated timetables each product types. We are not responsible for any missing delivery due to non-payment of products that you are ordering. So this is customer responsibility to confirm that full payment is made before delivery. Further delivery details, please check our delivery information.

Claim :

The customer is advised to Claims for damage, shortages or non-delivery, must be given in writing to HRJ MEDIA LTD within 48hours from the date that the Products were dispatched. HRJ MEDIA LTD is not being liable in respect of any complain unless we are notified. Except for any particular case where you demonstrate to our reasonable satisfaction that it was not possible to comply with this requirement and your claim was made by you as soon as fairly possible afterwards.

Refunds :

HRJ MEDIA LTD reserve the right to rectify defective work by reprinting and shall not be liable to refund. We will credit your account and if we consider a refund should be made.

We will offer to replace the products and you must accept such an offer unless you can show a valid reason for refusing.

If you choose any third party to do the work without reference to us, you will automatically withdraw your right to any solution from us. All defective work must be returned to us before replacement if the issued job is not available we will acknowledge that it has been accepted and no replacement will be provided.

It will take 3-4 working days to complete the refund, once we agreed. We do not have any faster option.

Products which are returned by the Buyer to the Seller must be returned in their original packaging (which buyer should keep for the purpose) and must be items are in an unused condition.


The customer should make complain within 48 hours of receiving the products. Complain will be evaluated by HRJ MEDIA LTD and will offer reprint the products if it is necessary. We will not accept any complaint after 48 hours of delivery and it will be void automatically.

Risk and Title:

All belongings, remain our property until we received the full payment. Products will be at your risk from the time of delivery. Ownership of the Products will pass to you on delivery.

Law and Jurisdiction:

Our terms and conditions and contact with the customer through our website will be governed by the Law of England and Wales. Any complications, with customer and HRJ MEDIA LTD which is related to this website, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.